Peace is a conscious choice.

Move past the drama. Choose mediation.

A Mindful Way of Moving On

For couples at a crossroad, we'll help you navigate the path.

Move past the drama. Choose mediation.

Offering in-person mediation sessions throughout San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.
Online mediation sessions available for all California counties.

You Decide Your Future, Not a Judge

With the help a a neutral mediator, you and your spouse draft your own agreement on your own terms. 

Your information stays private, and you stay out of court, saving you time, stress and money. 

Couples, not the Court, make their own decisions regarding co-parenting plans, financial responsibilities, and the division of their assets and debts.

Mediation Supports Healthy Dialog & Expedites Closure

Mediation is designed to encourage each party to express their interests and concerns, to assess unresolved issues, and to facilitate a dialogue over options. 

As a result, couples are able to reach a balanced settlement in a neutral, supportive environment with the least amount of drama.

Mediation preserves and even helps rebuild long-lasting family relationships, and protects children from the animosity that’s inherent in the adversarial nature of a litigated divorce

Transparent Flat Fees

Divorce is confusing as it is already. Your legal fees shouldn't be.

Mediation costs a very small fraction of what it would otherwise cost to have your matter litigated in court with attorneys.

With flat fee pricing, you'll know our fees up front, saving you the anxiety of unknown legal expenses.

Just Need Help With The Paperwork?

For couples who already agree on all of the terms of their divorce and are looking for a professional to draft all of the required Court documents, we offer a flat fee "Kitchen Table Divorce".

We also offer flat fee document drafting assistance with Prenuptial Agreements (Prenups) and QDRO's. 

    Meet the Founder

    Michael C. Cotugno, Esq.

    Having personally seen the debilitating effects of the old, conflict driven model, family law attorney Michael Cotugno founded Conscious Divorce as an simpler, peaceful alternative for couples seeking a "No Drama Divorce".

    If peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace.