For couples at the crossroads of divorce...

Mediation offers a mindful way of moving on.

We believe YOU should decide your family's future, not the Court.

Settle your divorce privately with the help of an expert mediator.
Choosing to mediate together (and not litigate) will save you time, money and the emotional stress of fighting in the legal system. 

Questions about the process? Is mediation right for your situation?
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Meet the Team

Michael Cotugno, Esq.
Attorney/Mediator Michael Cotugno has over 26 years of family law experience. His focus is divorce mediation and out-of-court settlement.

Janessa Cotugno , M.A.
Office Administrator Janessa Cotugno provides client and project management support and oversees business operations for Conscious Divorce.

Together, the Conscious Divorce team aims to assist couples through the challenging process of divorce with clarity and compassion. 

Divorce Paperwork Assistance

Do you and your spouse already have an agreement?
Do you just need help with the legal paperwork?

For couples who already agree on all of the terms of their divorce and are looking for a professional to draft all of the required Court documents, we offer a flat fee "Kitchen Table Divorce".
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