Are You Considering a “Do-It-Yourself” Divorce?

At Conscious Divorce, we recognize that hiring attorneys is not an affordable option for many people going through divorce. Many marriages break down due to financial challenges and there’s simply no room in the budget for the thousands of dollars needed to obtain expert legal representation.

The good news is that with a little time spent on researching your rights, obligations, and the paperwork required by the court, most people can handle their own divorces without the need to hire attorneys for representation.

Called a “In Pro Per” (on your own behalf) divorce, it’s simply a matter of completing the paperwork, filing it with the court, and attending a hearing, all of which you can do yourself. A “do-it-yourself” divorce is not always recommended, but it’s an option if money for an attorney is a concern and your divorce or family law issue isn’t complicated.

Conscious Divorce offers services to clients who choose a do-it-yourself divorce but who want some help along the way. This approach allows clients to purchase only the services they need or can afford without having to retain an attorney for full representation. If you are able to afford a consulting attorney to answer your questions and guide you through the process, you will save yourself thousands of dollars and most likely, a great deal of hassle.

Filing Your Divorce “In Pro Per”

In Pro Per, or more specifically In Propria Persona, appears after the heading “Attorney For:” and literally means “for one’s self.” In Pro Per is used in California when a person acts as his/her own attorney in a legal dispute. Filing In Pro Per does not mean you are limited in any of your legal rights, only that you are representing yourself in the proceeding. Many people choose to file In Pro Per for a variety of reasons, chief among these is cost.

Just because you are filing “In Pro Per” doesn’t mean that you cannot get significant advice or assistance from a legal professional. Conscious Divorce has advised and assisted countless “In Pro Per” individuals through the DIY process. Depending on the level of assistance needed, many times just one session is all that is needed to help bring clarity and direction to their case. So if you are filing In Pro Per, don’t think that you have to do everything by yourself. Different degrees of help are available to you as you navigate through the legal system.


Get the guidance you need with our “DIY Divorce Help” consulting services.

We offer consulting services to individuals and couples who wish to resolve their divorce while minimizing stress, costs, and time involved. We often provide our consulting clients with all the knowledge and guidance they need to file, negotiate, and complete their entire case for far less than it would cost to hire an attorney (or attorneys) to handle everything.

This service is ideal for people who want to understand the law and how it may apply to their case. Meetings can be limited to one or two topics that are important to you, or you can receive advice about your entire case. During consultations, individuals and couples who are considering handling their cases on their own (or those who already are) are provided specific and comprehensive guidance on the preparation and filing of court documents, the forms themselves, and support related to potential settlement options.

“DIY Divorce Help”  $180/ half hour (Pay As You Go)

To get started, we recommend that you schedule a 1 hour initial consultation ($90) to explain your situation and obtain some basic guidance and legal advice.  For all legal consulting after the first consultation, you may book “DIY Divorce Help” sessions at 30 minute increments at the rate of $180/half hour. Consultations can be scheduled in 30, 60, or 90 minute increments at our office, or via phone or video conferencing. Payments can be made before or at the time of service and no retainer is required.

Benefits of a DIY Divorce Consultation

  • Affordable, expert legal advice from an experienced family law attorney
  • Avoid costly mistakes that may or may not be able to be remedied
  • Confidential, safe, and supportive atmosphere
  • Clear explanations of the law, required forms, and Court procedures
  • Unbiased and honest advice focused on your best interests
  • No pressure or obligation
  • Pay only for the time and services you need

A DIY Divorce Consultation is ideal for those who:

  • Want to be sure they understand their legal rights, obligations, and Court procedures.
  • Would like guidance in the correct completion and filing of all necessary court forms.
  • Don’t want to incur the cost of hiring an attorney, but need guidance and support in getting their case filed and/or resolved.
  • Would like the extra security in knowing that the Court will accept all of their documents.


Additional DIY Divorce Support Services

For those who would like additional assistance with their divorce or family law matter, Conscious Divorce is pleased to offer the following menu of “limited” legal services to “In Pro Per” clients who choose a do-it-yourself divorce. Our a la carte legal services allow you to use our services on an “as needed” basis and walk away with a better understanding of what you need than if you had never consulted with an attorney at all.

Document Preparation for “In Pro Per”

  • Filing for Divorce or Custody $540 – This service is for people who need their Petition and related documents drafted and want legal advice as they begin the divorce process.
  • Filing a Response $540 – This service is for people who have been served divorce or custody paperwork and need to file a response.
  • The “Kitchen Table” Divorce $1,620 (Uncontested Divorce) – This service is for those who have reached a basic divorce agreement with their spouse. Includes drafting of all court documents through final judgment.

Additional Services

  • Judgment Review $540 – This service is for people who have received a divorce or custody judgment from their spouse or their spouse’s attorney.
  • Child & Temporary Spousal Support Calculations $360 – This service is for people who need to know what different support scenarios will look like financially and how to interpret the reports.


*Important: The attorney and client will sign a limited services representation agreement before any services are provided. This agreement advises the client of the limited nature of the representation. In an unbundled services arrangement an attorney’s liability for malpractice is limited to those services the attorney has actually been retained to provide.