Kitchen Table Divorce

This option is for couples who already agree on all of the terms of their divorce and are looking for a professional to draft all of the required Court documents through final judgment.

The couple will receive a worksheet which they complete around “the kitchen table” in the comfort of their own home.

We will then use this information to draft the paperwork.

This approach is appropriate when there is little or no conflict, few assets or debts, no complex issues, and both parties are comfortable negotiating for themselves.

This is not mediation, since the couple will not be meeting with a neutral mediator to assist them in their agreement.

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement, also called a premarital agreement or a prenup for short, occurs prior to a marriage.

A postnuptial agreement, also called a postnup, is entered into after the marriage has taken place.

In either case, both spouses determine the parameters of the agreement, and come to a clear understanding on the division of assets, debts and other marital obligations in the event of a divorce or death.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order

A qualified domestic relations order, or QDRO for short, is a legal order, entered as part of a divorce or legal separation, that splits and changes ownership of a retirement plan to give the divorced spouse their share of the asset or pension plan.

QDROs apply only to employee benefit or pension plans subject to ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, the American law governing private sector pensions.

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Michael C. Cotugno, Esq.

Having personally seen the debilitating effects of the old, conflict driven model, family law attorney Michael Cotugno founded Conscious Divorce as an simpler, peaceful alternative for couples seeking a "No Drama Divorce".

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