Litigation describes cases that require the intervention of the court. The clients are unable to reach agreement on how to resolve the issues of their dissolution, and a judge must issue orders to decide matters.

If you would prefer to retain control over the outcome of your divorce, litigation is not an ideal method for resolving your dispute.

In situations where other approaches to dispute resolution have been unsuccessful, litigation may be necessary as a last resort. In some instances, involving the court may be necessary to obtain restraining orders, or orders for spousal and/or child support, child custody and property possession and protection orders.

By it’s own nature, the litigation process is confrontational and hostile and takes an emotional toll as well. Even worse, children are often used as pawns in the warfare, negatively impacting their mental and emotional health.

At Conscious Divorce, we recognize that some circumstances may require litigation. In these situations, we strive to provide integrity-focused litigation and always stay alert for opportunities to move your case out of court and toward negotiation, mediation or collaborative law, none of which involve fighting in court.