If your doctor tells you that you need a risky, invasive, and extremely expensive surgery, wouldn’t you want to seek a second opinion before agreeing to the procedure? There may be a more integrative and holistic alternative that could bring about better results for far less money, but you need to ask the right health professional to discover this option.

The same is true when it comes to family law. You may have been told by your attorney that you need to file a motion with the court, do costly discovery, or go to trial to resolve your case, but the truth is you probably don’t. About 98% of cases settle before trial. The difference is in how much money was spent on preparing the case for trial as opposed to focusing efforts on resolving differences through meaningful dialogue.

When a litigating attorney “takes your case,” it’s often just as it sounds, they “take it” and usually make the important decisions for you. Unfortunately, that often means that your case gets locked up in seemingly endless rounds of court hearings, costing you and your family tens of thousands of dollars. There’s almost certainly a far better, more cost-effective option that could save you the tens of thousands, which your attorney might not discuss with you because they want the high fees for litigating the case.

At Conscious Divorce, we’re here to help you gain the insight and clarity you need so you can make informed decisions about your future and take action with confidence.

If you believe that you’re paying too much in attorney’s fees or would simply like an expert professional’s second opinion about your best options, we highly recommend our “Second Opinion” Consulting Services.

“Second Opinion” Consulting Services:  $360/hour (Pay as you go)

This service is for individuals who are already represented but are seeking a second opinion regarding their case. Attorney Michael Cotugno will review specific case documents that you provide prior to the meeting. During the meeting, Michael provides specific legal advice regarding your situation and strategizes with you to determine your best options moving forward. If we believe you are being properly represented, we will let you know, and if we know you could do better, we will tell you that, too.

You are asked to pay for services when we start and keep us current as you go. This avoids retainer fees, and allows you to control and limit your costs in real time. Conscious Divorce is available to review your case no matter where in California you reside. Meetings are held in-person at our San Diego office, or via phone or video conferencing.


Benefits of getting a “Second Opinion”

  • Confidential, safe, and supportive atmosphere
  • Open communication regarding your unique situation, needs, questions, and concerns
  • Expert analysis of your current case
  • Clear explanations of your legal rights, obligations, and best options
  • Unbiased and honest advice focused on your best interests
  • No pressure or obligation
  • Pay only for the time and services that you need

A “Second Opinion” is ideal for those who:

  • Want to make sure their interests are properly represented or if representation is even needed.
  • Are concerned with how their divorce is proceeding (i.e. too slow, expensive, or hostile).
  • Want to settle their case, but feel overly pressured by their existing attorney to litigate.
  • Need a fresh set of eyes to review their case and recommend alternative options.
  • Are not happy with their existing attorney, but not sure if they want to retain a new one.