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We’re tired of the old paradigm of family law litigation that is steeped in a cycle of self perpetuating drama and stress where the only one that “wins” are the lawyers who rack up big fees.

Conscious Divorce was founded on the belief that there is a better model; one that is focused on honest communication, transparent pricing and respectful negotiation.

Divorce is not just a legal process… it’s personal.

Our role is to help demystify the legal process and offer settlement focused support so you can make the heart-centered decisions that work for you and your family. Because we believe that YOU should decide your family’s future, NOT the court.

What is a conscious divorce?

To us, a “conscious” divorce is a process of pursuing clarity and courage while moving through the challenges of separation.  It’s about clearing away the fear and intimidation of the legal process and becoming informed about your options.

It’s about communicating clearly and honestly while working through differences. It’s bringing a grounded, yet compassionate approach to negotiations and being open to finding solutions.

Conscious Divorce Approach

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Meet the Team

Family Law Attorney & Mediator Michael C. Cotugno, Esq.

Michael C. Cotugno, Esq.

Family Law Attorney & Mediator, Founder of Conscious Divorce

Michael is an licensed California attorney and mediator with over 27 years of experience in family law. After decades of litigation experience, and seeing it’s debilitating effects, Michael knew there was a better alternative. He founded Conscious Divorce to provide settlement focused support to help separating couples move on as peacefully as possible. 

To better support clients going through the challenges of divorce, Michael obtained his MA in Spiritual Psychology in 2011 and brings a resource of tools and techniques for facilitating deeper levels of communication as well as personal healing and growth.

As the neutral attorney in mediation cases, Michael answers client’s legal questions and explains the law so both parties are aware of their legal rights. During the mediation session, he facilitates negotiations and helps buffer challenging discussions. Additionally, he runs sample support and equalization calculations and drafts all Settlement Agreements and Judgment documents.

Janessa Cotugno, MA - Conscious Divorce Office Administrator

Janessa Cotugno, MA

Conscious Divorce Office Adminstrator

Janessa provides client and project management support to provide clarity and structure throughout the process so clients can focus on what matters.  In addition to Michael, Janessa also obtained her MA in Spiritual Psychology in 2012.

With step-by-step guidance, Janessa assists clients through collecting all of the needed information needed through a series of questionnaires which she uses to draft the Initial Pleadings and Financial Disclosures. Additionally, she facilitates client communications, scheduling and document management.

She also oversees business operations for Conscious Divorce.

Client Testimonials

During mediation (we did two sessions), my ex husband had moments of anger/adrenaline and I had moments of crying/tears, but Michael had a steady, rational way of handling us that got us back on track.  No regrets, I recommend Conscious Divorce.



Michael’s diverse and unique background in human psychology and law was JUST the magic sauce and heroic action I needed. Now that the divorce is safely behind me, my ex and I enjoy a positive co-parenting relationship that could NOT have been achieved with my prior lawyer


Gretchen D.

Michael kept me calm and never let my emotions get the best of me. He guided me through the toughest of times. He was also very fair on fees and advised me of my options – and guided me from what could had been a very expensive and emotionally scarring litigation


Dave H.

Why Choose Conscious Divorce?

We work with you to clear away the uncertainty and intimidation so you can make informed decisions. Because we believe YOU should decide your family’s future, not the Court.

Expert Help From a California Family Law Attorney

As an attorney practicing since 1996 and dealing primarily with divorce cases, Michael Cotugno, Esq. brings decades of litigation experience and understanding of how the Court works.

The advantage of having an neutral attorney as your mediator means that they are qualified to explain how family law works in California and provide reference points for settlement purposes.

No Court, No Judges, No Confusing Forms

We help you negotiate and finalize your customized settlement agreement privately and out-of-court, keeping details of your personal life and finances out of the public record.

We provide you with simple questionnaires to help you gather relevant information, draft of all the Court forms for you, and explain each step and document in easy to understand language.

Transparent Pricing & Payment Plans

Unlike traditional law offices which require large retainers and bill by the hour, Conscious Divorce stands apart with transparent Flat Fee pricing.

To keep the fees affordable and manageable, we’ve built in a payment plan into our fee structure. We also make it easy for couples to each pay a portion of the payment if they will be sharing the cost.

Complete Your California Divorce Online

No matter where you live in California, every step can be done online from the comfort of home. Mediation and consulting sessions are held via Zoom video conference. In-person meetings are available at our San Diego office by request.

All documents can be exchanged via email or a shared private folder, and the majority can be signed electronically.


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