Flat Fee Divorce Mediation

We’ve streamlined this flat-fee package to provide the basics, which include one 2-hour mediation session, phone/email support, prep work, and drafting of all Court required documents.

This includes preparation of the financial disclosure documents and drafting of the final settlement agreement. 

The flat fee also includes one revision of the final agreement.

We also manage all Court filings, service, and correspondence so you don’t have to worry about the details.

This approach ensures that you are receiving the professional assistance you need to reach an equitable agreement and finalize your divorce while staying out of Court.

Additional Mediation Sessions

While most agreements can be reached in just one mediation session, we recognize that everyone's situation is unique.

If your circumstances are complex, or if you and your spouse need additional time beyond the initial mediation session included in the flat rate package, we do offer additional sessions.

Additional mediation sessions are available in 2 hour increments and can be purchased “a la carte” as needed.

FRC Hearing Court Appearance

A Family Centered Case Resolution Conference (FRC) is a hearing at which the parties, their attorneys, and a judicial officer work together to develop a plan for managing the case and resolving issues as quickly, fairly, and efficiently as possible. 

We provide this service for those needing assistance at the hearing. 

Meet the Mediator

Michael C. Cotugno, Esq.

Having personally seen the debilitating effects of the old, conflict driven model, family law attorney Michael Cotugno founded Conscious Divorce as an simpler, peaceful alternative for couples seeking a "No Drama Divorce".

Helpful Guidance With Every Step

Wherever you are in your journey, we'll help you navigate the terrain. 

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