Our Approach

We're here to help you find resolution, not revenge.

You Have A Choice

Divorce is more than a just legal process...
It's personal.

It can trigger many painful, unresolved issues often manifesting as blame, anger, hurt and helplessness. 

Yes, this journey can be challenging, but we believe you have a choice. 

Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.
Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Dramatic

By choosing to mediate, you empower your ability to choose peace over chaos.

We've all heard the divorce drama horror stories. You don't have to go down that grueling road.

Take the conscious step towards resolving conflict. 
Mediation is structured to support you in finding resolution despite differences. 
We Choose Peace

We understand that facing divorce can feel overwhelming.
Our goal is to make it as clear and simple of a process as possible.  

The goal of a mediator is to facilitate a safe and balanced environment for discussion. 

We believe that communicating with clarity and compassion are key factors in reaching a fair and reasonable agreement. 
Our Commitment To You

We're tired of the old paradigm of family law that is steeped in a cycle of self perpetuating drama where the only one that "wins" are the lawyers who rack up big fees. 

We believe there is a better model; one that is focused on honest communication, transparent pricing and respectful negotiation.

We've streamlined our practice and minimized our overhead so we can offer these services at a reasonable flat rate. 

Most agreements can be reached in just one mediation session. The details are handled via email, phone and mail, saving everyone time, money and stress.
Demystifying The Divorce Process

We work with you to clear away the mystery, uncertainty and intimidation of the legal process and paperwork.

We'll answer all your questions and discuss your best options.
We'll help you work out a fair agreement.
We'll take care of all the paperwork. 

What we ask of you is your courage to work through the challenges, your honesty in communication, and your desire to choose peace.

Learn More About Our Services

We offer comprehensive flat fee divorce mediation packages, as well as basic legal document drafting assistance. 

Meet the Mediator

Michael C. Cotugno, Esq.

Family law attorney Michael Cotugno founded Conscious Divorce as an simpler, peaceful alternative for couples seeking a "No Drama" divorce.

Peace is a conscious choice.

Take the conscious step towards resolving conflict.

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