The judgments that I’m speaking of are not those we file with the court. I am speaking here of the judgments that we hold against others and ourselves. These are the judgments that are associated with viewing the world from an egocentric perspective.

There’s really two different ways of viewing the world. One can view the world from the smaller self which is ego-based, or one can view the world in the authentic self. When one views the world from their smaller self, EGO sees good or bad in everything that it views. From this perspective, the world is that of duality. By duality I mean separation…polarization. For example, seeing the world as black-and-white, good and bad, right and wrong, or even hot and cold, nice and mean, or honest and dishonest. This is how most people see the world. But what if instead of seeing everything is either good or bad, or right or wrong, we were able to view only, and observe simply what is?